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Debt collection services

Here at RecoverAble Solutions, we aim to provide a bespoke and tailored service.
We offer a full suite of options, meaning we take care of all your requirements.

Fully tailored debt collection

Trace and background check

    Efficient debt recovery services 

    At our firm, we excel in helping you pinpoint your customers swiftly and with minimal hassle.

    Competitive rates and exceptional results

    Our debt collection services, including trace and other checks, boast market-leading rates, offering you up to a

    95% success rate in locating new address details.

    Detailed trace and investigative Insight

    Once we've successfully traced your customers, we provide in-depth background checks to provide valuable

     insights. This includes essential elements such as insolvency checks, outstanding CCJ assessments, or any     

     other pertinent negative credit information crucial to the debt collection process.


    Our expertise extends to locating customers who have relocated further afield, along with employment checks.

Ready to proceed with debt recovery?


Unpaid invoices become a burden? Act today!

Legal & Insolvency services

Comprehensive Litigation Case Reporting

Where debt recovery efforts prove unsuccessful, we provide you with a comprehensive case report. This report allows you to make an informed decision on whether to escalate your case to the County Court, explore insolvency options, or enforce an existing Court order. We detail all associated costs upfront, ensuring transparency and cost-effectiveness throughout the process.


Expert Legal Partners

We collaborate closely with a panel of expert solicitors who boast years of experience in handling various litigation matters. This partnership provides you with added assurance that you are in capable hands when it comes to collecting debts in the UK. County Court Judgements, High Court enforcement, Bankruptcy, Winding up proceedings and many more services can be provided.


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Debt Collection at 15% 'No collection, no commission'

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Industry:  Recruitment

Case study:  Collected 95% of all debts listed with the majority paying our clients costs of recovery.

Benefit to client: Greatly assisted cashflow and saved clients finance departments hours of chasing unpaid invoices .

Tired of Paying Excessive Fees for Invoice Recovery?

As specialist debt collectors, we know that the price of collecting debt has become expensive and to we aim to combat this. Our chosen panel of experts and our firm offer market leading rates on all services including tracing, background checks, investigative work, litigation, insolvency, post-Judgment enforcement and much more for the purpose of professional debt collection.

For overseas debt recovery and collection of unpaid invoices and arrears, there may be handling charges and increased commission, please call us should you wish to list an overseas file

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