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Case Studies & Previous success 

We have helped numerous clients when they felt all hope had been lost. This page highlights why it is so important to tailor a strategy for the individual needs, rather than a 'one size fits all' approach. 

How we stand out from the crowd

Our client approached us after previously using a Solicitors practice to attempt recovery.

The debt was partially disputed, however we took our time to review the matter and our specialists noticed several flaws in the debtor companies argument.

After working through the initial dispute with our client and obtaining comments, we tailored a response, specifically targeting the weaknesses in their claims and answering every possible issue clearly & Concisely.

After placing the debtor on final seven day notice, we received payment in full, plus the clients full cost and interest.

Our client was amazed with such a result, having lost hope with the previous Solicitors efforts to recover the debt.

There were no legal fees charged or any other costs to our client, simply the commission for the recovery, which had been included in the clients debt, effectively making this a free recovery for our client and within less than one month of being instructed.

Amount collected: £15,525
Recovery time: Less than one month
Industry: Construction

Amount collected: £57,890
Recovery time: Less than three months
Industry: Construction

Our client needed assistance with a debt that had partly been outstanding for nearly 8 years and the matter was complex.

The entity to whom owed our client had made part payments throughout the last eight years, thus meaning the debt was not affected by the statute of limitations act.

Due to the age of the debt, both parties paper trails were a cause for concern and our client was hesitant to issue proceedings on this basis.

We took the pressure off our client, found out exactly what information was needed and built a file over the span of a several months, working closely with the client to help focus on the pertinent paperwork required to resolve the matter.

Once a full file was prepared, we furnished the debtor company with the information and payment was authorised. 

Settlement of 80% of costs was agreed and the matter was concluded. 

We were approached by our client after months of pursuing a very well known organisation for unpaid recruitment fees, all of which had been contractually agreed and were months late on payment.

Our client was quite clearly distressed and needed help. The invoices were causing a huge cashflow issue.

Due to the size of the entity to whom owed the funds, we tailored a strategy specifically to maintain the relationship and ensure the debtor company took our clients invoices seriously.

After careful planning and navigation throughout,  we obtained key personnel contact information and from that point onwards, the clients debt was escalated and we were able to recover the debt in full, plus all recovery commission and late payment interest.

Since recovering our clients debt, the company have paid on time and there have been no further issues and the business relationship has flourished.

Amount collected: £47,550
Recovery time: Less than one month
Industry: Recruitment

Amount collected: £32,700
Recovery time: Less than two months
Industry: Independent School

Our client had enrolled a parent into a repayment plan of £100 per month, on the basis of being told the parent was on low income and after several defaults of the agreement, instructed us to assess the debtors financial ability to pay.

After running a detailed trace & Background check, it was quite clear the debtor in question had an ability to pay significantly more than first believed.

Working closely with the client, it was agreed that a significant increase was required and through our tailored approach and efforts, the entire debt was cleared within two months.

The school in question had contractual right to charge for the debt recovery commission and this was included in the total amount paid by the debtor.

Had the client not spoken with us, the repayment plan could have been ongoing for many many years to come and the payment proved vital cashflow.

A long standing client of ours had a debt outstanding for nearly 4 years with a global brand and had lost all hope of recovery.

Due to the size of the entity to whom owed the money, the client simply could not speak with the right department and was left feeling like they were not being listened to and never seemed to make any progress.

After entrusting us to proceed with debt recovery, our team took the time to obtain key email and contact information from offices and personnel in Europe who we believed would be best placed to escalate the matter.

After placing the debtor company on notice, furnishing them with all relevant information and case history, the matter quickly escalated to the correct department in France.

After asserting the maximum pressure, we quickly managed to recover the principal debt and after further communication with the debtors, we eventually managed to obtain agreement for the cost of recovery, plus over £2,000 in interest that was legally due to our client.

Amount collected: £13,500
Recovery time: Less than three weeks
Industry: Safety & Health risk management 

Amount collected: £50,000
Recovery time: Less than two months
Industry: Construction

We were instructed to recover a debt owed for a commercial window fitting project at a well known site in the UK.

Having reviewed the matter, there were considerable issues throughout the project and various parties performance had been questioned.

It soon became clear the matter was far more complex than we had expected.

Utilising specialist Solicitors for legal review, the conclusion was that to take the entire debt to trial (Over £80,000 claim) the costs of doing so would have been in excess of £40,000, with limited prospect of success.

The client was furnished with clear and concise information regarding the costs, risks and process, so they could make an informed decision. 

On the back of honest and expert guidance, our client agreed that settlement would be a preferential route.

We managed to agree 60% settlement, which ensured the client did not make a loss on the project and safely navigated them away from significant costs and time. 

5 out of 5 stars on Google based on 60+ reviews

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