Trace & Background service

Need to locate a debtor quickly & accurately? 

We find new addresses & linked secondary Addresses

Our reports are 95% accurate rating & clients love this service

Debt repayments, utility bills &
mortgage accounts all located

Last 6 years of CCJ & Insolvency 
checks provided

Property ownership information 
and how equity calculations 

Any financial issues your debtor
has suffered with can be found

We paint a clear picture of your
debtors financial situation 

Debtor not a homeowner? We find currently month rental payments

Full trace service - CCJ Check - Insolvency checks - Homeowner information - Directorship & Employment information available-

- ongoing bills and debt repayment check -  home equity and rental information - Many more services available

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Costs and terms of service:

Trace & Background checks are £67.50 + VAT - Please call us if you intend to instruct 5 or more traces in bulk

Price includes a report for each individual  - Trace reports cannot be provided until our invoice is settled in full

Payment term is 14 days from completion of trace  - Instructing a trace does not tie you into using any other service we offer