Our debt collection service

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Our service


Our charges

Our commission charge is 10%, one of the most competitive rates in the market

We have worked within debt collection long enough to know that the price of collecting debt has become expensive. We offer market leading rates on all services.


Tailored strategy

We tailor make a strategy for each client individually, solely on a case by case basis

We take the time to review each case individually and work alongside you to create a plan with your best interests always at the forefront of what we do.

We offer debt collection to all industries on a 'no collection, no commission basis' 

Our model is based solely on success. We do not charge upfront fees which leave you out of pocket if your debt is uncollectable for any reason.

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Other key benefits to our service

No long term contracts or tie in periods required, use us as and when required

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No excessive delays in remitting funds to you and we pay via BACS into your account

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Use us for consultancy before escalating your case for debt collection to save costs