Understanding what we do to help your cashflow is important to us, below are some frequently asked question to help you decide if we are right for your business

What is the difference between yourselves and a debt collector or Solicitors practice?

This is a very common question. There are several key differences, we educate and guide clients BEFORE having to instruct an external company and save unnecessary fees or costs. We believe knowledge is power and want you to futureproof your business so you don't need an external agent.


 We are also unbiased in our recommendations, a lot of external companies profit from taking your claim to court and therefore their judgement or guidance can be obscured because of this. Here at RecoverAble, we will give you honest guidance and we do not financially gain from encouraging you to pursue debts with little prospect of a successful recovery. 

How much support can you give my business?

Our support will be based solely on what your requirements are. We will conduct a pre-assessment to discuss your aged debtors, the common issues and tailor a strategy based around that. 

Whatever your business needs, we are there to help, analyse and support you as required.

What if I do need external debt collection, can you help with this?

Should we review your particular situation and believe that you have exhausted all other options, we will be able to make various recommendations and can assist you with collecting the debt in question as part of the service.

Will you be providing me with legal advice and how do I know I can rely on your company to help me and my business?

It is important to note that we are not Solicitors so we make recommendations based on years of experience within debt collection, doorstep collections and credit control. If we feel that your case is complex and needs legal guidance, we can recommend firms and what you should expect to reasonably pay to save you overpaying.

We have the experience of working alongside private schools, funeral directors, worldwide blue chip companies, as well as construction firms and helping sole traders & small businesses. 

Can I choose to use your services as and when I need them and not lock myself into long and drawn out contracts? 

Of course you can! We understand that some businesses may just need help with one or two issues, some may need ongoing assistance. We build our agreement on what you need and do not tie you in any longer than we all agree is necessary. You can even trial our service before deciding to extend our agreement to make sure our help & service works for you.